Kerala tourism-Explore beautiful shades of God’s magic

Kerala is a gift of god so that it is pure and lovely. It is also considered to be the cleanest destination of India. Geographically, it lies on an extension of western coast of Indian continent. One visiting to this place must visit backwater destinations, filled with purity. They are the fresh merger of lakes, canals, rivers and lagoons. So, Kerala is truly counted as a must-see destination in the country. Moreover, Kerala is packed with glittering beaches, glorious hill stations, magnetizing tea plantation, palm trees, green landscape etc. Let’s have a look at some popular attractions of Kerala tours.

Kumarakom Houseboat

Considered to be the best backwater destinations, Kumarakom is a main hub of tourists. It offers you a wonderful journey of Kerala through houseboat. On the way, it takes to you through to gorgeous sightseeing spots of this state that includes lust forests, scenic landscape, swaying coconut trees, rustic traditional villages etc. Due to its appealing beauty, a large number of tourists visit here and witness the magnificence of god.

Kovalam beach

If you are planning a family holidays in Kerala, beaches are the best options to wander. Play on the white sand, surf on the ocean vibes, enjoy sunbathing on the beach’s edge and taste a sea food, when a tourist is on a holiday to Kerala. The beauty of this Blue Ocean also calls number of holidaymakers in a year. Additionally, it is ranked as the highest destination, when it comes to water activities.


Adorned with beautiful landscape, quaint scenery, glittering tea plantation, exotic wildlife, Munnar holds a true beauty of god. Being a gifted destination, it offers you a splendid summer holiday experience. A long of tea plantation is a must-see attractions that never be forgotten. Here, one also finds an exciting experience of wildlife in Ernakulam national park. Other than it, there is a hill point which attracts you with its echo sound surroundings.

Periyar national park

Periyar national park, one of the plentiful wildlife destinations is a very popular amongst adventure freaks. It is also a place where vacationers witness plenty of exotic animals, birds and other group of reptiles. Truly, this park allures you with its luxuriant vegetation. For extra fun, it offers a lovely elephant ride that enables you to witness endangered mammals, lived in its protected area. However, it is visited by lots of wildlife lovers every year.

Nowhere in the world, can one be found such captivating and one of the rich heritage destinations like Kerala. It is certainly a pearl of India that glitters with pure brightness.

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