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Join and enter into your profile, all of your social network links that you'd Like2Link with your friends on, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ning etc.

How do I find my social network profile links?

Just select your profile page from within each social network you'd Like2Link with, copy the link from your browser bar and paste into your profile e.g. You can add new social network links to your profile whenever you wish.

Where can I access the Like2Link app?

Access the Like2Link App here, or you can add the app on any Ning site via the App Directory on that site.  Including your profile link for other Ning sites in your Like2 profile, authenticates you to use the Like2Link app on those sites.

How do I invite friends to join

The Like2Link app will also list your friends who have not yet joined and provides the option for you to send Like2 invites to selected friends, or all your friends.

Can anyone view my profile links?

Your profile can also be linked to directly without being a member, e.g. You can find your profile link in your page settings where you can also change the link if you wish. By including your profile link on other sites, email signatures etc. you can provide a single link to all of your social networking profiles.

Can I restrict access to my profile?

If you'd prefer to restrict access to your profile, you can simply set your Privacy Settings to either 'members only' access, or just your friends.

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