Barbara Donahue

GIVE THE GIFT OF DANCE TO THOSE YOU LOVE THE MOST - Privates, Group lesson.One class or 6 Lessons . Hips,Gypsy Skirt, Silk veil,fun for the whole family .

Text Barb 4013389905........Thru the holidays..

Mon.5 - 6;30 Pilates 6:30-8 Belly Dance....Tue 10-11:30 Belly Dance,7-8;30 Group Belly Dance...Wed. 5- 6:30 Pilates, 6;30- 8 pm Belly Dance..Thu 9:30-11am Cardio Belly Dance..Fri,9;30-11 Pilates

Location: Tiverton RI
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GIVE THE GIFT OF DANCE to those you love the best

Core Belly Dance Expressive Arts on river,Main Rd,Tiverton,R!,WWW.THEDANCINGSPIRIT.COM 
Ballet,Modern,Belly Dance, Pilates,Cardio,Teens,Mother/ daughters. 
Groups,privates,shows,workshops.parties.All ages,levels.4013389905,
GIVE THE GIFT OF DANCE - Privates, Group lesson or 6 Lesson pack,With friends, fun 4 whole family - Hip technique, Gypsy Skirt,Silk veil -text 4013389905
WWW.THEDANCINGSPIRIT.COM .Ballet,Modern,Belly Dance, Pilates,Cardio,Teens,Mother/ daughters. Groups,privates,shows,workshops.parties.All ages,levels.4013389905,
NEWSY Barbara is Dance Educator for 2012 with Strathmore's Who's Who World wide. LOCAL EDGE,Barb's Radio Ad
Classes Thru holidays Mon 5 - 6;30 Pilates, 6:30-8 Belly Dance Basics Tue 10-11:30 Belly Dance,5:30-7,Tiger Lily,7-8;30 Group Belly Dance Wed 5- 6:30 Dancers Pilates, 6;30- 8 pm Belly Dance Thu 9:30-11 Cardio Belly Dance, Private 11:45 - 1:30, 4:45 - 6 Mom's/Daughters,10 - 14 yrs Fri ,9;30-11 Pilates"


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